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Calling All Characters

We go that extra mile to make sure we can get what the client wants, this can be anything to sourcing the right actor for the mascot or may be a unique request for a balloon twisted figure, we spend many hours researching.

How It Works

When mascots are booked, we take into consideration several factors and we really incorporate the mascots into your event. For example, we are happy to discuss what the mascot should discuss with your children, what kind of message you'd like them to pass on during the event and more! Should you wish to have more than one mascot at your party or event, then please let us know because we can put together something really special for you and the children (or adults) involved! 

Our Mascot List

Butterfly Effex own fairy mascot “Loxie”

Jack Sparrow

Sleeping Beauty

Belle - Beauty & The Beast

Mad Hatter

Alice In Wonderland

Spy Squad Barbie

Nutcracker Barbie

Roller Skate Barbie

Olaf - Frozen

Elsa - Frozen

Anna - Frozen


Rapunzel - Tangled

Ariel (With Dress) - The Little Mermaid

Ariel (With Tail) - The Little Mermaid

The List Goes On...


My Little Pony - Twilight Sparkle

Spongebob Squarepants

Scooby Doo


Peppa Pig

Buzz Lightyear


Storm Trooper


Wonder Woman

Batman Armour Suit

Captain America



Bumblebee - Transformers

Want Us To Make Your Party Special?

Feel free to give us a call to let us know what your perfect event needs!

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